CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Didn’t Know

The use of marijuana is on the rise; it is now on the Veterinary’s table. The herb, Marijuana, attracts sharp debates on either side where some people believe it is harmful while others have proof of its medical benefits.

Over the years, Marijuana has proved to be more than an herb; there are endless tales of healing properties of the plant’s extract.

Cannabis oil is an extract from the herb. It is the main component in cbd oil for dogs. Whether you believe it or not, cannabis oil has a significant effect on dogs.

Just like human beings reap health benefits, your dog has a lot to benefit from cbd oil as well.

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Here Is What You Do Not Know About CDB Oil For Dogs

Your dog won’t get “high”

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the two major components in Cannabis, the plant. I know the first concern is about cannabis’ influence on moods; it’s true, the herb can get you high but the psychoactive effect is entirely on Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD is mostly from hemp and not Marijuana, it has no effect on your dog’s moods. Actually, CBD’s effect is the opposite; your dog will be calm.

Reduces Anxiety

If your dog is sensitive to noise and nervous in new environments, CBD can be of great help.

Also, some dogs get nervous when with strangers or in a new land when traveling for vacation, it might seem sick but it is only because of unfamiliarty.

Cbd oil for dogs helps to alleviate such effects of stress and anxiety.

Just like human beings, dogs are prone trauma and anxiety disorders; it might be extreme or mild, which you will miss. Several doses of cbd oil can alleviate the symptoms.


Dog Cancer

Cancer is the new concern in pet care. What you feed your dog on has everything to do with its health, with regards to blood sugar level.

You might not avoid sugars completely; most processed pet food has more than enough sugars. If anything, this is what your dog likes. You should go for a dog Cancer check-up. If your dog is already on anti-cancer drugs, you might want to consider a more natural technique.

Cbd oil for dogs has an anti-tumor effect, which inhibits growth of cancer cells and kills most of the foreign cells. Cbd enhances capability of the immune system to kill cancerous cells by blocking their multiplication and source of energy.


cbd oil shots
cbd oil shots



Bowel Diseases

If your dog is suffering from inflammatory conditions that affect its bowel processes, cbd helps in clearing out inflammations and restoring the stomach to normal functionality.

Cbd oil for dogs prevents Colitis and stones in the bowel. Obviously, you should be checking on your dog’s feces, it is a simple way of detecting anything  abnormal in the digestion process and any complications in the bowel.


Cbd increases appetite

Dogs may exhibit irregular feeding patterns or reduced intake, which should worry you.

Decrease in appetite points to multiple possibilities of health issues. Just like in humans, food is key to body energy; your dog will be weak and inactive without proper feeding.

While there can be serious underlying health conditions, nausea can be a result of drugs, unfamiliar food, or toxins. Cbd oil helps in alleviating such conditions.


Cardiovascular health

Yes, cbd oil for dogs improves heart health. Damaged blood vessels affect the circulatory system; your dog will not only be breathing irregularly but will also be inactive and possibly be in consistent pain.

Your dog is also likely to be pale in some body parts. Cbd oil helps to improve heart rate, protect blood vessels walls, and regulate blood pressure.


Relieves pain

Cbd oil not only decreases inflammation but also decreases pain. If your dog is undergoing chronic pain from an infection or effect of drugs, whether it is in the bowels or muscles anywhere on the body, the cbd oil ensures your dog is comfortable.

It is classified among the top pain relievers for both dogs and humans. Also, cbd decreases the aging rate of cell degeneration. Intestinal inflammation can also be taken care of by cbd oil.


Possible effects

Cbd oil for dogs has endless health benefits. You should administer it as regularly as you can for maximum benefits.

Of course, you should be keen to follow veterinary prescriptions. It is like any medical drug and improper administration or overdosing can be detrimental.

While there are no specific effects on dogs, the following are possible risk on basis of human experiences with the marijuana component.


Dry Mouth

Cbd can decrease production of saliva, which increases thirst. If you notice increased water intake and frequency on your dog, consult with a veterinarian on whether to continue, stop, decrease on cbd oil administration.


Although this is rare, your dog can be inactive and sleepy. Usually, it occurs in overdosing where the calming effect is exaggerated.

Low blood pressure

Cbd can cause temporary decrease in blood pressure. The dog will not only be drowsy but light-headed. You can note this from the inactivity.


How to choose cbd oil for dogs

  1. Go for organic products. Most processed cbd oil products are full of fungicides and unhealthy solvents
  2. Ask for a certificate of analysis to check on level of cbd and if there is any trace of THC
  3. Don’t shop with price in mind and compromise on quality.

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